Personalized credit cards protective cases with NFC RFID blocker ironcard

Protect your credit card from thiefs with the iron card case. Why you should protect your credit card?

The NFC or RFID technology applied in new credit cards (paywave or paypass) allows you to pay comfortably and easily in shops and restarurants without inserting your card to the payment terminal. You can pay the bill only by tapping the card reader device given to you by a shop assistant or a waiter. But how do I know if I have this type of card? By identifying the following symbol in the front of your card  , if your card has this symbol you can be sure that your card data can be read from a distance.

This at first seems like an advantage in the way we can make payments but it also introduces new risks. A cibercriminal or even a common thief equipped with a contactless reader similar to that one which have shop assistant can steal the data included in our credit cards.

But what are the data?, a thief who is passing only a few centimetres from our bag or wallet (imagine waiting in the line in a shop, on a music concert or just waiting for a green light on the crossing) can obtain the following data in less that half a second: the number of our credit card, its expiration date, our full name, in some cases also purchase previusly made and what is worse even a copy of the magnetic stripe of our card.

From this moment the thief can make payments with our credit card via Internet (eg Amazon) in online shops worldwide. Think of the global coverage of the Internet, you may be waiting in line in the cinema and in the same time your card can be used for shopping by somebody on the other side of the planet, since your data can be sent instantly from one part of the globe to another. The mafias engaged in carding ( this is the name under which these practices are known ) work in an organized way and require very little time to obtain your bank details. Or they may simply sell the information to other criminals just for a few dollars via websites like this:

But how easy is it? Reading the new credit card data at a distance is possible with a mobile phone, in your own Google Play Store there are various applications able to do this, you can easily try it by just downloading one and runnning this test:


 EMV Analyzer

You can get more information by reading the following article of BBC News or watching this video (I assure you that these examples will make your hair stand on end!)

With our anti NFC or RFID protective cases, your bank details will protected all the time. The cover for credit card doesn't take more space in your wallet and prevent any attempt of stealing your credit card data.

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